Holiday cancelled? Escape on a virtual getaway instead!

It’s fair to say that most holidays have gone a bit tits up this summer.

In fact, I’ve lost count of the number of people I’ve helped rearrange or cancel their upcoming trips and whilst we all get it – there is a global pandemic going on – it has felt a little strange to not get away.

And that’s what got me thinking.

What if we could recreate some of the fun elements of a holiday virtually instead?

Dash Across The Globe: Europe

That’s why I’ve created a virtual travel game – Dash Across The Globe: Europe – so that we can all explore the world from home!

Starting in central London, you’ll have £400 to make your way to the other side of Europe in the quickest time possible. You’ll learn new languages, calculate travel timings, inspect hotel rooms, scout for clues on a map and perhaps even get some travel inspiration on the way.

And to make this even more interesting, there are 8 possible endings meaning that your decisions will directly impact whether you finish first… Or last!

How do I play?

You can play on your own using a computer, laptop, phone or tablet or you can challenge friends or family  to play against you on video call – a great replacement for a quiz!!

You’ll need to follow the journey and complete tasks such as watching videos, exploring maps and searching the internet for answers that will take you to the next stage of the trip.

Head on over to Dash Across The Globe for more info!

How much does it cost?

The game costs £4.99 per device and will last between 1-1.5 hours. It’s the perfect activity to get you back in travel mode and with 8 possible endings, there’s more than one way to play.

What will my purchase fund?

Good question!

If you follow me over on Instagram or Twitter, some of you will already know, I’ve just gone on unpaid leave from my day to day job to launch this website and so any money raised from this will help me pay for running costs, pay others to help me grow my business and to allow me to be able to concentrate on helping people more of the time!

So from me, thanks so much for giving Dash Across The Globe a go!

Fancy travelling the world virtually for yourself?

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